Post Mills Airport, Post Mills Vermont

Airport Information

Privately Owned, Public Use
0 mi. E of city.
N43-53.05 W072-15.22
Mag Var: 16 deg W
Phone: 802-333-9254   Fax: 802-333-9254 (best to call)

Communication Freqs:

  Unicom – 122.8   FSS – 122.6
  CTAF – 122.8


Elevation: 693 MSL
Hours: Irregular
Fees: Parking Fee; Tiedown Fee; Hangar Fee
Charts: NEW YORK
Traffic Pattern: Light Aircraft: 1693 MSL;
  4-22: 2900X80; turf; ; tree ry 4; road ry 22
  5-23: 2300X80; turf; ; brush ry 5; road ry 23
  Right traffic runway(s): 04; 05;
Approaches: (VFR)
Lights: None
Notes: Ski planes only when snow on surface, runway not plowed, Camping Facilities
Obstructions: trees & ridges all runways
Special Operations: Soaring; Ultralights; Ballooning; Helicopter Ops; RC Models; Airships;
Fuel: None

5 Responses to Airport

  1. Don Cahill says:

    Had great fun while flying my ULTRALIGHT the Wiley Coyote and teaching at Dartmouth 2000.
    Thanks ,
    Don Cahill, PhD

  2. I learnt to Fly at post mills airport in the early 1980’s. I stopped flying because of the cost. However I was recently was talking with Dr. Jenkyn and it seams that soaring could be affordable.
    I do miss flying.

    Check out my blog from visiting Vermont and the wonderful plane ride that Karl was kind enough to take me up in. He didn’t know it, but it was my birthday and what a fantastic way to spend it. I’m from Kentucky, and each time we visit Vermont, I want to visit your Airport. I love the museum, the gliders and the planes. Thank you to Karl for a beautiful day.

  4. Charles Bass says:

    I learned to fly as a member of the Dartmouth Flying Club in 1970 under the instruction of Bob and Jamie Burbank and Jim Emery (N5534Foxtrot). Yesterday, my daughter Lucy soloed at the Nashua Airport and, of course had a piece of her T-shirt snipped off and appropriately marked with the date, etc.
    I was wondering if the old “pilot’s lounge” still exists and if the T-shirt tails still adorn the rafters. Mine should be there somewhere. I still fly my Maule M5 which I have owned since 1976. Have not been into Post Mills since the mid ’70’s.
    Charles Bass, Dartmouth ’74.
    Peterborough, NH


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