Assembly Day a Success (in Springfield)

While NESA kept busy with assembling their gliders and giving their members season check rides Tim (PM), Tom Hopper (TH) and myself (PM) all had nice glider flights.

The wind finally died down and conditions were actually quite good. Tim flew for well over 2 hours while I towed with the Pawnee and then we switched aircraft.  Both Tim and I found weak wave after topping out a strong thermal @ ~ 6000′ and I made it to 7K, Tim maybe a bit higher. Visibility was clear right to Mt. Washington, really spectacular day.

Reminder that the L-19 should be ready to go on the 20th, that’s our hope anyway.

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Springfield Report – March 30, 2013

Saturday turned out to be a spectacular day in Springfield.  Thermals went to 9,000 feet!  Visibility was severely clear.  Mt. Washington, the Adirondacks, and hills of Massachusetts were all clearly visible.

Greg flew his new (to him) 304CZ (JD) for the first time.  He went for a 3 hour joy ride to Mt. Sunapee and Killington.  Sonny took a warm-up ride with Walter and then flew LT for a couple of hours.  Walter and Bob Morehardt took a flight in I1, and then Dan and Walter took I1 for a spin.  Evan (T8) had a nice flight.  And I (PM) went for a loop around the airport that included Killington, Hartford, Charlestown, Chester and Okemo.  I landed just before 6:00 and the thermals were still going strong.

To top it off the airport was having a fly-in and there was lots of free food (the excellent home made type).


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Tailwind Takeoff and Landing

Here is an interesting article describing the effects of tailwinds:
The summary is:
While each one knot of headwind component improves landing/takeoff performance by about one percent, each knot
of tailwind component degrades landing/takeoff distance by about three to five percent. Tailwinds are roughly three to five times as effective at altering landing/takeoff performance than headwinds…and the alteration is not in your favor.
Tow pilots should think twice about taking off downwind even with just a slight breeze.  Likewise landing downwind to speed up launches needs to be done very carefully.  Glider pilots should be understanding.

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Breakfast at Eatons Sugar House

Hey don’t forget that breakfast is at Eatons Sugarhouse tomorrow.

It’s exit 3 off 89.

Please comment if you plan to go.


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Breakfast @ The Whistlestop

Last week there was eight of us for breakfast with Eggs Benedict w/smoked Salmon being a huge hit. Food there is great, we meet at 9:30, come join us.


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Flying today at Springfield

Not a banner day for flying but worth the effort, at least for me as I managed to stay up for a little over one hour from a low tow of only 5000 or so feet. Okay maybe it was 5500 but in any event Walter towed me to above the clouds just south of Okemo but no wave was to be found by me. I did have a nice flight and managed to find lift hear and there mostly along the ridge west of the airport.

Tim took the first tow but didn’t make out so good. I try to teach these kids but you know what’s it like….

Thank you Walter for the tows and the rest of you clowns need to do more flying this winter, it’s a blast (of cold air on your face!) and well worth the effort.


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Soaring at Franconia

Willem soars the thermals with Peter Stauble, chief pilot of the Franconia Soaring Association.

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Breakfast today

We are meeting for breakfast today but flying looks unlikely to Alton Bay and or Lake Memphramagog.

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Breakfast tomorrow is at the Whistlestop.

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Search for a two seat glider

Dennis has taken the lead on finding us a medium performance 2 seat glider but we won’t let him do this all on his own now will we.

The plan is to contact all the clubs in the U.S (already done) to see what they have plus search the want ads, the web, word of mouth, etc. Basically whatever it takes and then collect all the information in one place which is here (link moved to members only section).

So go check out that link and you’ll see I’ve added a few ships from Wings and Wheels just as examples. By taking a look in advance (at this sheet) multiple people won’t be sending emails to Dennis, or me or whomever with a ship we already know about.

The idea here is to look under ever rock here in the U.S. plus Canada and Europe.

Let’s do this!


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