1-35C Share for sale

From Tom Roy @ FSA
Schweizer 1-35C Share for Sale
I am selling my partnership share in a 1978 Schweizer 1-35C and its trailer  currently parked at the south end of Franconia airport. Peter Stauble, Peter Eiche and Roy Bourgeois currently own the other 1/4-shares.
The glider is flapped and is fun to fly, for those familiar with flapped ships. It’s also equipped with oxygen equipment for wave flying, has a new main gear tire, and a new canopy cover.
If you’re at the Franconia airport feel free to look the glider over. We usually move the 1-35C to Gorham for wave camp after 10/1/13 so the plane may be there for you to inspect if you participate in wave camp.
Following is a picture of the glider.
You can view 1-35 information at the following web site: http://members.goldengate.net/~tmrent/soar/docs/135/sgs135new.htm.  If you would like to study the glider manual please let me know and I’ll forward it to you.
If you are interested in this 1/4-share, please contact me by email at tom.e.roy@gmail.com or by cell phone at 603-344-2510 and I can give you more information.
Tom Roy
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