Springfield Report – March 30, 2013

Saturday turned out to be a spectacular day in Springfield.  Thermals went to 9,000 feet!  Visibility was severely clear.  Mt. Washington, the Adirondacks, and hills of Massachusetts were all clearly visible.

Greg flew his new (to him) 304CZ (JD) for the first time.  He went for a 3 hour joy ride to Mt. Sunapee and Killington.  Sonny took a warm-up ride with Walter and then flew LT for a couple of hours.  Walter and Bob Morehardt took a flight in I1, and then Dan and Walter took I1 for a spin.  Evan (T8) had a nice flight.  And I (PM) went for a loop around the airport that included Killington, Hartford, Charlestown, Chester and Okemo.  I landed just before 6:00 and the thermals were still going strong.

To top it off the airport was having a fly-in and there was lots of free food (the excellent home made type).


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