Schweizer 1-35C For Sale

Tony Moehrke has put his glider up for sale, here are the details.

atmoehrke at tds dot net

SHIP: 1980 Schweizer 1-35C, N2927H, SN 97, purchased from David Presby in Whitefield, NH in 2008, empty weight w/O2 tank at last W&B in 2008: 465 lbs., NDH, Cleveland hydraulic brake, excellent main tire, small 2” long x 1” deep “trailer rash” on trailing edge of rudder (doesn’t affect performance and passed annuals), TT 997 HRS., 90° flaps, no dive brakes, last annual 6.1.12, all AD’s and service bulletins complied with. The ship is a floater yet an honest 35:1 XC performer.  Flown a few 300K and dozens of 200K+ flights.  Got my Gold badge in it.  Stall speed 36 MPH with full flaps so minimal landout roll for off-field landings.  No bad habits.


1.   Schweizer factory air speed indicator (MPH) and altimeter (ft)

2.   Borgelt B-400 audio vario & averager (kts), new 2008

3.   Winter mechanical vario (ft/min), factory reconditioned in 2010 by Winter in Germany, speed-to-fly ring calibrated with 1-35C polar

4.   Aluminum 22 ft/cu ft. O2 tank, last hydro-test 2009; Mountain High (“MH”) XCP 1P regulator, new 2009; MH O2 filler tube extension from O2 tank so refilling done without removing turtle deck with remote pressure gauge so visible in cockpit, new 2011; MH  XCP “Oxymizer” O2 conserving cannula with tube extension for easier adjustment in cockpit (reduces consumption up to 300% over conventional cannulas); MH 00XXP-1050-01 full face mask for flights above FL18

5.   Canopy, UV grey, sliding vent w/air scoop, hinged, new 2007, no cracks/scratches

6.   Ridge Soaring Sunbrella-brand fabric canopy cover, new 2008

7.   PTT switch installed by Rick but not working—could be adaptor nor wires

8.   Holux GPS (not IGC-approved for badges) and two Palm Tungsten T’s running SoarPilot

9.   All manuals, log books and records

TRAILER:  1980 Lagenfeld (German) enclosed trailer.  New tires and wheel bearings repacked in 2008.  Tracks perfectly at 75MPH.


IMG_3362 IMG_3358 IMG_3363 IMG_3357

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