We have a new waypoint database

and it’s on the World Wide Turnpoint Exchange.

The geographic area of this database is quite large.  You’ll find it useful whether you are flying out of Post Mills, Springfield, Morrisville, Franconia or Gorham.  The whole database is just a little too large to fit in a Cambridge Flight Recorder, so you can either edit out the 25 or 30 points you find least useful or wait a day or two for a 250 point trimmed down (based on distance from PM) version which will be posted shortly.

Similar databases will be available for Franconia and Gorham very soon based on the same core waypoint list.

Use at your own risk.  Any landable airport or field can become unlandable without notice.  I’ve pulled a lot of scat out of the old database (seaplane ports, missing airports, 30′ wide airports and similar) but I can pretty much guarantee that somewhere in here lies an “airport” unsuitable for gliders.  We have not visited them all.  Check them out on Google Earth, and if you really want to rely on them, go visit them in person.

Thanks to Moshe and John Leibacher for helping with this.  Any errors found should be reported to me.


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