Behold our new to us Blanik L-23 N118BB


Kind of late in the season to getting a new glider but when the opportunity presented itself I couldn’t pass it up.

N118BB is a 1993 Blanik L-23 that belongs to MIT Soaring (now merged with GBSC) and we have it for at least one year on very favorable terms ($10 per flight) plus we pay insurance and standard maintenance costs. Bottom line is it’s a very good deal so when you see someone from GBSC say thank you.

Today began at 8:30 when Tim and I met at the airport, I flew the L-19 down to Tanner-Hiller airport in Barre Massachusetts with a hefty tail wind so it only took ~50 minutes. There we met the airport manager Bob Burchard who at first was very reluctant to let us fly it away but once I dropped enough names (one of which being Rick Sheppe) everything was fine as it seems he’s known our favorite CFI since he was still wet behind the ears.

With Bob running my wing Tim towed me back to Post Mills and I landed with full intentions of getting Oxygen installed but there was no hope as it’s really a full days work IF you have all the parts.

Tomorrow I will aero-tow it to Gorham and we will try to rig up the Ox but no promises, and really what we need is help as I’ll be busy towing both Saturday and Sunday…. so get your butts up there to work/fly/have fun.


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